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The Subroutine API is primarily GraphQL. It can be used directly with the GraphQL client of your choice, or through one of the SDKs we support.

To use Subroutine, you must have an organization account. If you don't already have one, you can create an account on the Subroutine Dashboard. Throughout this documentation, you will navigate between the SDK/API integration and the Subroutine Dashboard. We will guide you through the features and workflows as we explore different sections of the onboarding process.

This documentation is organized into sections, each focusing on a specific feature provided by Subroutine. To begin, refer to the getting started section.

API Reference

Subroutine APIs are organized around a few main endpoints:

Playerplayer.api.subroutine.comGraphQLMain API for client applications integration and player interaction.
Adminadmin.api.subroutine.comGraphQLAdministrative API for organization owners; used directly by the Subroutine Dashboard.
Authenticationauth.api.subroutine.comRESTAPI for player and organization registration, as well as authentication.
Analyticsanalytics.api.subroutine.comGraphQLAPI for organization users to fetch data and game statistics.