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You can integrate with Subroutine by directly calling the main GraphQL endpoint. Throughout this documentation, the guides will include a GraphQL snippet section, providing example queries that yield similar results to those obtained through the SDK.

For a more streamlined development process, we recommend using one of the following tools:

Authorizing GraphQL queries

The Player API is the primary focus of this documentation. To integrate with it, you will need to pass the authorization header. In GraphQL Playground, you can find the headers section at the bottom left of the page.

![insert screenshot here]

You can create a test player and obtain the authentication token by following creating test players.

When ready, set headers to the following:

"Authorization": "Bearer <test user api token>"

To ensure the API works, head over to the GraphQL playground and run the following query:

query {
player {

Refer to the GraphQL Code section for a client-side GraphQL framework if you choose to use the API directly.